EPX EDGE is a 2 price model program that can change the way you do business and add to your bottom line like never before, to reduce or eliminate card processing fees up to 95%.

  You can sign up through the link under the System you choose to receive a free placement a free smart terminal or POS pictured here with wifi/ethernet connection and back up data connection.

Need more Information? www.epxedge.com or call us at 1.866.606.4041

Get a Free Smart Terminal or Smart POS and give it a try. 

Payanywhere smart terminal MINI. Go Green with No Paper receipts

Payanywhere e600 flex smart POS

​with EDGE 2 price program

Payanywhere A920 smart terminal

with Edge 2 price program

TOLL FREE   +1.866.606.4041

Payanywhere e700 Smart POS