EPX EDGE is a Dual Pricing model program that can change the way you do business and add to your bottom line like never before, to reduce or eliminate card processing fees up to 95%.

  You can sign up through the link under the System you choose to receive a free placement a free smart terminal or POS pictured here with wifi/ethernet connection and back up data connection.

Need more Information? www.epxedge.com or call us at 1.866.606.4041

Get a Free Smart Terminal or Smart POS and give it a try. 

TOLL FREE   +1.866.606.4041

Payanywhere e600 flex smart POS

​with EDGE 2 price program

Payanywhere A920 smart terminal

with Edge 2 price program

Payanywhere smart terminal MINI. Go Green with No Paper receipts

Payanywhere e700 Smart POS